Onigiri Action is an annual social good campaign connecting the simple act of taking a photo with helping to feed school children in need. From mid-October to mid-November, every time someone takes a photo of a Japanese rice ball and posts with #OnigiriAction five school meals are donated to children in need around the world. Since its launch in 2015, the Onigiri Action campaign has fed millions of children. In 2017, the Onigiri Action campaign received the Ninth Japan Marketing Award from the Japan Marketing Association, as well as the “Marketing 3.0” Award from the Asia Marketing Foundation, which recognizes collaborative, cultural and spiritual marketing strategies.

How to Get Involved

Anyone can get involved! Simply mark your calendar for October and November. Snap a photo of an onigiri (or Japanese rice ball) and upload to any of your social media accounts with #OnigiriAction or the campaign website. Every photo feeds 5 children in need. We encourage you to spread the word about our campaign and maybe even throw an onigiri-making party!

Schools: Join us next October and November by organizing an Onigiri Action classroom activity or even school wide campaign! To get started, check out Case Studies showing how other teachers organized events, download our Onigiri Action Classroom Slides, and watch a video explaining the culture of rice and onigiri in Japan.

Corporations: We are always looking for corporations to sponsor our Onigiri Action campaign as it continues to grow every year. We can promote your branding, provide volunteer opportunities for your employees to hold Onigiri Action events in your local community and make a difference together. Interested in helping to sponsor Onigiri Action? Please be in touch with us.


Contact us to plan an Onigiri Action event at your school, work place, or community center!