About the Program

Our innovative “Meal Sharing” program tackles obesity and malnutrition at the same time. We partner with corporations and organization to provide healthier options in cafeterias, restaurants, food trucks, and vending machines for an extra $.25, which is donated to providing school meals in areas of need throughout the world. We support schools in East Africa as well as in the United States.


Highlighted Collaborations


Corporation: A global corporation implemented vending machines with healthy options at their office. 10% of the sales is donated to TFT to provide school meals.

Another corporation sells healthy menu items at their cafeteria and donates 25 cents per meal.

Highlight b_Healthy sale at school.jpg

School: A group of elementary students organized a healthy sale at their school. They sold healthy snack items such as fruit cups, edamame and carrot cookies to raise donations to help feed children in need.

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Grocery Store: Genji Sushi Bar in Whole Foods Markets across the U.S. We partnered with Genji, which organizes sushi bars in 160 Whole Food Market locations around the U.S. Genji created our very own “TFT Roll” and “TFT Bento”.

Highlight c_Calbee_Harvest Snaps_2.JPG

National Food Brand: Calbee North America distributed healthy snacks made from green peas (Harvest Snaps) free of charge at events and schools across the country. For every bag, Calbee donated 25 cents, providing nearly 80,000 school meals for children in need.

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Restaurant: Our partner BentOn Café in New York introduced a new lunch box concept – Bento On Demand – allowing customers to choose their favorite healthy TABLE FOR TWO USA choices from the items offered daily.


How to Get Involved:

Corporations: Interested in reaching more people with your healthy food products, while helping to support school meal programs across the world? Let us help you implement a program through your corporate cafeteria or vending machines!

Schools: Give your students the opportunity of serving their community and the world. You can implement our program through your school cafeteria or vending machines. We can also help your students organize a healthy TABLE FOR TWO USA donation drive by selling healthier food items to raise donations for school meals.

Contact us to learn about launching a meal sharing program in your company, school, or organization.